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Recruitment Infrastructure Consulting

In a fast pace ever evolving sharing economy, Talent Map Asia believes in knowledge transfer and helping small medium enterprise, start-ups and public sector ministries in the area of setting up a basic core fundamental recruitment infrastructure. This is a free complimentary consulting advice in the below areas. However, if we are required to take up an ad-hoc assignment at the request of clients to run a particular recruitment project from start to completion, there will be a consulting fee levied based on the Consultant’s actual time expended. The core pillars would encompass the following areas:

Employer Branding

Increasing the brand health of company through employer branding video exercise will supplement the company’s recruitment campaign. This is done in close collaboration with an internal Marcom team (taking cue like the company’s values, milestones etc) with designated external Videographers or media branding companies in. A short few minutes video clip output can be integrated with social media platforms like Youtube and Youkou in China.
There are other employer branding avenues like crafting out a one pager Employee Value Proposition (showing casing company’s core values and milestones), social media platform marketing through company’s Facebook, job boards advertisements to external media advertising platforms like bus or mass rapid transit subway advertisements.
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Employer Referral Program

Talent Map Asia assist SME companies, government ministries and start-ups look specifically at building a robust simple Employee Referral Program (ERP) to encourage more internal employee referral via tier-based incentives based on the seniority and job nature.
This can come in the form of internal referral mailer, company Facebook integration and standees creation displayed within an office premises. The merit of this campaign helps companies reduce their reliance on recruitment agencies usage over time.
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Applicant Tracking System

An good ATS system allows a company to create a comprehensive database of external candidates. This will be tagged to individual job requisition or roles opened by Hiring Managers and Recruiter.
Through the process, it can be synch up with different recruitment avenues like agencies’ candidates’ lodgement, job portals, company career website and employee referral program. There are many ATS in the marketplace like Taleo, Aventure, Kenexa, SuccessFactors etc. Talent Map Asia make due recommendation assessing different ATS and provide a final assessment based on client’s budget, costing and user interface experience perspective.
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In-house Recruitment Team

There are three school of thoughts. Primarily in entirety outsourcing the whole recruitment function to an onsite RPO recruitment agency, insourcing the recruitment function of the organization by building your own recruitment team or just simply have a hybrid of both in-house Recruiters and onsite RPO agency Recruiters within an organization.
This will depend on business hiring directions, budget, scale and complexity of one’s organization. Here in Talent Map Asia, we help companies looking to build up a nimble team of in-house Recruiters. The hiring journey would encompass potentially identifying and hiring the Talent Acquisition Head, hiring of a few Recruiters to handle the lateral volume recruitment work, possibly an option to hire a delegated Executive Recruiter (focusing on senior hires), Graduate Recruiter to hiring a Talent Acquisition Co-ordinator (to co-ordinate interviews) and a Talent Sourcer (focus on talent mapping and sourcing of talent for Recruiters). In the event if a company’s budget can accommodate, there could possibly be a delegated Talent Acquisition Project Manager to assist the Recruitment Head looking specifically at recruitment data analytics and other assigned ad-hoc related talent acquisition projects like employer branding, employee referral program to building up a robust talent acquisition processes and framework.
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Talent Acquisition Processes

In the midst of a formation of an in-house recruitment team, you could possibly start embarking building a preliminary talent acquisition platform in terms of looking at the talent acquisition processes you like to put in place. This could mean looking at the need to ensure some conformity in terms of having the proper talent acquisition processes align first or run in tandem when looking for a Talent Acquisition Head.
This could entail anything from instilling the discipline to have a weekly team meeting with the Recruiters to track each job requisition progress to simply having the checks and balance in place like having a tracking mechanism to ensure all the jobs have been consistently posted to all the job ad portals, opening the roles to Agency Recruiters to having career website portal opened up for job applicants to apply to a specific job directly.
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Recruitment Training

Here in Talent Map Asia, we provide a holistic comprehensive training program and approach to anyone in the hiring loop and process. We primarily focus on sharing the best practices of hiring through social media platform like LinkedIn.
We also provide vital cue to develop an effective sourcing strategy and conducing an effective hiring brief with the Line Managers from the onset. If the HR Manager or HR Business Partners have the time to expend doing direct hiring and sourcing themselves, Talent Map Asia comes in to help from an advisory angle in terms of knowledge transfer leveraging on social media platform to hire the best mid to senior talent from the market place rather than primarily leveraging on job portals or job advertisements.
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