Our primarily coverage centred around salary range, regional remit and multi industries focus.

    Regional coverage

    Our focus is not just Singapore domicile roles but of a regional remit in nature. We can extend the reach in assisting to recruit or do a talent mapping scan of talent in Southeast Asia, Greater China (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan), India and possibly into emerging countries like Myanmar and Vietnam.
    We also focus our talent mapping work and executive search work scouring for overseas returnees who are outside the domicile country and at some point of time receptive to relocating back for family reasons.
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    Multi sectors disciplines and industries coverage

    In Talent Map Asia, we seek to understand the market landscape and key competitors before engaging on a particular assignment. In Talent Map Asia, we undertake a comprehensive research into the industry and specific job nature or role.
    Before we commit to any clients, we conduct preliminary thorough research followed by a research brief assessment call with clients to determine the viability of accepting an assignment.
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