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    Talent Map Asia is a strategic sourcing specialist where we follow a Systematic Executive Recruitment and Talent Mapping firm approach to find passive talent who may not be visible within the marketplace and social media platforms. We gather intelligence and collate information to develop a simple talent pipeline for current and future hires. Talent mapping helps in succession planning; helping Hiring Leaders and HR Directors make more informed decisions during yearly promotion cycle and internal talent mobility deployment.
    At Talent Map Asia, we believe that it’s always better to have a pro-active approach and commission a talent mapping scan before any concrete recruitment work commences. Our team collaborates closely with hiring managers, senior management, talent acquisition recruiters and HR managers to look at these following core areas below:

    Succession Planning


    Sales Professionals Hiring


    Niche Skills Talent Hiring

    Periodically organisation leaders tend to move laterally. Our team assists in conducting a holistic calibration exercise to look at both external and internal candidates to build an effective talent pipeline strategy.   Good sales professionals are the backbone of every organisation as they contribute significantly to organisation success.
    Our talent mapping team provides valuable insights into pipelining these professionals from competitors or relevant industries and help you build connections to this identified pool.
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      Searching for a niche skill talent in this competitive market can be a challenging task for Hiring Managers.
    We assist in a local & global talent scan based on the desired skill-sets and qualifications, ensuring the right candidates who fit the remit.
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     Overseas Returnees Hiring


    Deputies and Predecessors Hiring


    Recruitment Fees Cost Savings

    Overseas returnees are a potential pool of employees who have garnered valuable foreign exposure and may be receptive to returning to their domicile countries.
    Our talent mapping team helps our clients in identifying these returnees and selectively engage them for initial dialogue, making the talent pipeline richer.
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      Our talent map scan helps to cast the net wider and looks at these deputies and predecessors to broaden the talent pool.    Commissioning a talent scan can help reduce significant recruitment fees and cost if the right methodology is adopted.
    It is a valuable piece of information empowering recruiters and HR managers to do direct sourcing and direct hiring without necessary leveraging on an agency.
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    Talent Mapping methodology

    Typically, a call with the Hiring Manager will be arranged to take a comprehensive first brief in terms of understanding the client’s requirements by understanding the rationale of commissioning a talent mapping project, conferring where the talent landscape might exist from a local or regional remit perspective. A talent mapping project generally will span across 2 to 4 weeks depending on scale and complexity of the work. However, Thereafter, we aim to provide a periodic weekly status tracker progress report. There will be constant refinement of the research process alongside with weekly client’s inputs.

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